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Selling At Retail – How to Sell Without Being Pushy

Posted by Edgar Davis on March 22, 2015. 0 Comments

The bane of retail sales is being seen as someone who is a“pushy salesperson” when they sell. Customers sense it right away and it is incredibly off putting. Being helpful and assisting them is what makes you a success, but how can you tell which side your style falls on?
If you are worried about being a pushy salesperson, think about what others that made you feel uncomfortable or “sold” have done. Simply put, don’t act like they do. But it’s more than that too. Take a hard look at the style of selling you use. Selling is more than a transaction, it’s a relationship. If you think of your customer as a friend who you would like to help, aggressiveness in your style should fall away. Think to yourself “would my best friend tell me to knock it off if I was selling to them this way?” Really it all comes back to the Golden Rule: treat others the way you would want to be treated. It’s a great rule of thumb any time, but especially when selling.
Think to yourself that everyone who walks in is a customer who will buy. Then think “how can I be helpful, not off-putting?” Be ready to suggest things to your customers, but only if it answers their questions or solves the problem they came in to solve. That’s not to say you can’t suggest upsells, etc., but do so in order to help them, not you. That’s the difference between being a “pushy salesperson” and being helpful… who it helps.
Be aware of how your customer is reacting to your style. Pay attention to their body language and words. If they start to look or sound uncomfortable, you’re being pushy, so stop. Back up, apologize and then start over. Most people will admire someone who can admit when they were wrong and the self-awareness will most likely impress them.
Don’t be a pushy salesperson. You’re better than that!

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