In as little as 6 months of working on your idea together, education and training we will be handing you a tangible, solid business and all the tools necessary for success. Ideas & Inventions can become a reality you just have to act on them. Selling At Retail, Invention Manufacturing For Over 25 Years!

Selling Your Ideas & Inventions to Mass Retailers. A Straight Pathway From Idea To Mass Retail

We realized there was a demand for such services as we had many friends and colleagues asking us for help "Selling At Retail", "Invention Help" or simply "How To Sell Their Ideas into Retailers".

After researching the internet for "Bring a Product to Retail", "I Need Help With My Invention" or "How To Sell My Idea At Retail"  I found lots and lots of articles with little or no direction and a massive "How To" mountain to climb alone.

We have been manufacturing ideas and inventions overseas for years, secured multiple patents and selling tens of millions dollars worth of products, so when we say we have been there done that, we have. Multiple national programs driving hundreds of million in sales for Walmart, Costco, Bud Light, Budweiser, Nfl, etc... read more