In as little as 6 months of working on your idea together, education and training we will be handing you a tangible, solid business and all the tools necessary for success. Ideas & Inventions can become a reality you just have to act on them. Selling At Retail, Invention Manufacturing For Over 25 Years!

New Product Design, Invention Manufacturing and Retail Ready Product Importing

We have a select set of audited & qualified factories with full time agents who live and work for us in Hong Kong & China to help with your idea to ensure your North American Standards & Invention Ideas are met. There are still higher margins to be made overseas but you need to know when to ask for a shaper pencil and when a fair value has been reached.

Unless you are a MEGA Brand and have an unlimited Marketing Budget set aside for new Inventions we will need to ensure that your product prototypes are outstanding and the retail package message is complete. The consumer must be drawn by the Inventors Idea & packaging, educated on the invention & product contents, and persuaded to purchase by the innovative calls to action.

Selling At Retail Will Work On Your: