In as little as 6 months of working on your idea together, education and training we will be handing you a tangible, solid business and all the tools necessary for success. Ideas & Inventions can become a reality you just have to act on them. Selling At Retail, Invention Manufacturing For Over 25 Years!

Our Guarentee


It is impossible for us to take on all the invention ideas that come across our desks. Retail Buyers have a really good understanding of what their customers are shopping for and if we continuously presented less than awesome ideas they would eventually stop wanting to see us or our newest offerings.  


We only take on the best Inventions. Inventions we can help develop into a highly desired consumer packaged good. Inventions we are confident will Sell At Retail.


We can guarantee we will manufacturer you the highest quality retail ready product.

We can guarantee you we will introduce your product to mass retail buyers and help build out your sales channels.

But it is up to You to determine if you believe strongly enough that your product has the merit to generate sales.


We have access to over 150 factories in China that currently have passed major retailers USA audits and conform to USA testing processes. We have relationships and access to thousands of retail buyers that we will contact on your behalf. Together we can make your invention idea a reality.