In as little as 6 months of working on your idea together, education and training we will be handing you a tangible, solid business and all the tools necessary for success. Ideas & Inventions can become a reality you just have to act on them. Selling At Retail, Invention Manufacturing For Over 25 Years!

Idea To Invention & Retail Ready Products, Import & Logistics

There are two types of "Freight Forwarders" - Good and Bad. At Selling At Retail we have selected only the "Best" to work with!

When the Inventor unknowingly chooses a "Bad Forwarder" it seems products mysteriously did not make the intended Vessel, or for some strange reason your containers are getting flagged by US Customs!

You have produced your Invention with logic, efficiency and in a timely manner - now that it's no longer in your control you are experiencing unwanted cargo discharge and customs delays... and to be truthful this could have a lot to do with your forwarder of record.  

Selling At Retail Will Contribute To:

- Selection of Best Shipping Lanes

- Educated Duty Rates (A true and prudent review of potential Duty Rates could save thousands) 

- A complete knowledge of Ocean and Air Bound freight requirements / Bills Of Lading, Tariffs, etc.

- Best Ports of Discharge and Entry all Dependent on the Congestion or Flow.