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Invention Patents, Public & Idea Disclosure, & First To Market Innovations



Patents, Trade Marks, and Trade Dress are extremely important in letting the public know that you are the original inventor and that you have spent time, energy, and money in the development of your invention. Again there is a time and a place for Patents and a First To Market approach for your invention could save time and money. 

Ideas and Inventions can appear in your thoughts all the time but knowing which Invention to invest your finances requires extensive research, thorough investigation.. and to be honest validation from retailers and the consumer. It's great to ask friends and family about your invention but typically they will always provide positive feedback and kudos.
In the past you could create your idea (first to invent) present to the retailer (receive PO's) which you could then use to finance your patent protection.
Now in the US we are under a first to file system which makes it much tougher.. meaning we are now at risk of awaiting for verbal and financial validations while potentially another individual could snatch your idea or invention and be first to file.

Personally, after years of manufacturing and multiple patents I am currently under a "First To Market" approach. Be First On Market, Provide Excellent Product, & Fair Pricing, and in turn receive the largest piece of the pie! Once you receive your financial validations I believe this would be the best time to move forward with patent protection on your invention.

**Please keep in mind the above is in no way intended to be legal advise, these are just my thoughts and findings over a 20 plus year span of First to Market Manufacturing and the tens of thousands we have spent on the patent protection processes.  

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-       Utility Patents

-       Design Patents                                                                                                                                                                       

-       Trade Mark

-       Trade Dress

-       First To Market Approach